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Casino Privilèges

Take your casino experience to the max!

Casino Privilèges

Take your casino experience to the max!

Enjoy: Benefits at your fingertips!

The Casino Privilèges Club lets you get the most from your casino experience! A simple membership card is all you need to enjoy great benefits and exclusive offers in all Québec's Casinos. The Casino Privilèges Club is sure to boost your fun factor, whether you're playing the slots, table games or keno.

Get a little extra when you visit the casino:

  • Points and comps redeemable for cash
  • Casino benefits based on your membership level

Casino Privilèges

Prestige Plus
Privilèges Points earned playing slot machines Included + 30% + 50%
Comps earned playing at table games and Keno Included Included + Included ++
Welcome gift for new members1 Included
Entries in exclusive promotions2 Included Included Included
Exclusive monthly e-mails Included Included Included
Birthday gift and Christmas gift for eligible members Included Included Included
Priority registration at the Hilton Lac-Leamy reception desk Included Included Included
Preferential rates during certain periods of the year at the Hilton Lac-Leamy and the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu Included Included Included
Preferential rates during certain periods of the year at Casino de Mont-Tremblant and Casino de Montréal partner hotels Included Included Included
Rebates off the regular price for one night's stay at the Hilton Lac-Leamy and the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu3 10% 20%
Discount on the regular price for tickets for certain shows at Théâtre Le Qube4 Included Included Included
Rebates on ticket prices at the Théâtre du Casino du Lac-Leamy5 Included Included Included
Discounts at restaurants located in Québec's casinos during certain periods of the year Included Included Included
Free valet service at the Casino de Montréal, the Casino du Lac-Leamy and the Casino de Mont-Tremblant Included Included Included
Nearby parking at the Casino de Charlevoix 50% off Free Free
Reserved covered parking at the Casino du Lac-Leamy     Included
Access to High Limits Lounge6     Included
Access to the Casino de Montréal's Platine section     Included
Priority access to the Casino de Montréal and Casino du Lac-Leamy restaurants     Included
  1. Some conditions apply.
  2. This advantage is restricted to members eligible for selected promotions.
  3. These rebates may not be combined with any other offer.
  4. Some conditions apply.
  5. These rebates apply to selected shows.
  6. The casino reserves the right to refuse or withdraw the lounge access to a member.

Other conditions available at the Casino Privilèges counter.

Exchange of points directly available at specially marked slot machines
Fact Sheet [PDF Format, 513 KB, Help]

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  • Welcome gift for new members
  • Exclusive and personalized offers
  • Point bonuses, draws and other promotions
  • Exclusive invitations to tournaments and special events
  • And more! Hotel packages, gourmet dining, etc

Earn: Privilèges Points and comps

Whether you're playing at the slot machines, table games or at Keno, your Casino Privilèges card lets you accumulate Privilèges Points or comps. Why not make the most of it?

Slot machines

Insert your Casino Privilèges card in the slot machines before you start playing and accumulate Privilèges Points that you can exchange for cash. It's that easy!

For each dollar you play at the slot machines*, you will receive one (1) Privilèges Point. Three hundred (300) Privilèges Points earned are worth $1.

*Privilèges Points earnings may vary by game and Casino Status.

Table games and Keno

Present your Casino Privilèges card to the operations supervisor when you play table games or to the attendant when you play Keno and accumulate comps that you can exchange for cash or products and services offered by the Casino.

The comps you earn are calculated on the basis of the type of table game, duration of play and average bet. At keno, the calculation is based on the value of the tickets purchased.

Upgrade: Casino Status Points and Casino Status Levels

Using your Casino Privilèges card at your favourite game will also earn you Casino Status Points.* Those points enable you to reach one of the three Casino Status Levels: Casino Privilèges, Prestige or Prestige Plus, and offer a range of benefits in all of our Casinos. Plus, any cash exchange of your Privilèges Points will not affect your Casino Status Points balance.

Here is how you qualify for each card level:

Casino Privilèges card Prestige card Prestige Plus card
No minimum Casino Status Points required 35,000 Casino Status Points earned over a 12-month period 400,000 Casino Status Points earned over a 12-month period

The re-evaluation of Casino Status Levels for all Casino Privilèges members takes place at the end of the reference year established by the Casino. The reference year begins on October 15 every year. Your Casino Status Points balance is then reset to zero. You have one year to earn more Casino Status Points and re-qualify for the same membership level or a different one. If you reach a higher Casino Status Level before the re-evaluation date, you will start enjoying the new benefits immediately and you will maintain them until the following year's re-evaluation.

* Certain conditions apply.

1 bet = 1 chance to win the grand prize of the month

New prize featured every month.
Whether it's a luxury car rental, exciting getaways or fantastic gifts, there will be a new grand prize to be won every month.

Participate by playing with your Casino Privilèges card at gaming tables, slot machines, keno or poker.

1 bet per day = 1 chance. Will Lady Luck win you over?

Gros Lot
April 20151 Trip to Monaco*
May 2015MINI Countryman S All 4 - 2-year lease**
June 20151 Trip to Paris*
July 2015BMW Z4 28i Roadster - 2-year lease**
August 20151 Trip to Italy*
September 2015BMW 320i xDrive Sedan - 2-year lease**
October 20151 Trip to Greece*
November 2015BMW X3 xDrive 28i - 2-year lease**
December 2015Mercedes CLA250 - 2-year lease**
January 20161 Trip to China*
February 2016MINI Countryman S All 4 - 2-year lease**
March 20161 Trip South*

Earn chances to win at slot machines, gaming tables, keno and poker tables for 12 straight months.

One bet, one chance to win!

*Trip destinations are for reference purposes only. The winner may choose between a trip credit worth $7,000 applicable to another destination or $7,000 in cash.

**Or a lump sum of $20,000. A complete description of the vehicle is available upon request. In the event the winner is not a resident of Canada, he will only be entitled to receive the lump sum. Winners of 2-year car leases must have a valid driver's licence and proof of sufficient insurance at the time they take possession of the vehicle.

***Details on the value of surprise gifts will be provided later.

Exclusive discounts for Casino Privilèges members at the Théâtre du Casino du Lac-Leamy

If you are a Casino Privilèges member, take advantage of an exclusive discount* on show tickets:

  • 10% discount for members with Casino Privilèges status
  • 20% discount, only for members with Prestige status
  • 30% discount, only for members with Prestige Plus status

Book your tickets:

  • By phone: 819-557-0881 from Tuesday to Friday, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (Ext. 245).
  • By email:
  • In person: at the Théâtre du Casino du Lac-Leamy box office, during regular opening hours (please consult schedule).

When booking your tickets, mention your Casino Privilèges membership status listed on your card and the promotional code CP-3GE.

To qualify for the discount and get the tickets, go to the box office the day of the show and show the Casino Privilèges membership card used to purchase the tickets, as well as an official piece of photo identification.

This is a limited-time offer; take advantage of it today!

*Reserved for Casino Privilèges members. Discount applicable on selected shows, some exclusions apply. Discount may only be applied to the price of tickets (taxes included). Subject to availability. Service charge not included as follow: $5.00 per ticket for purchases made in person at the Théâtre du Casino Box Office or by phone (Box Office).

To qualify for the discount and get the tickets, the Casino Privilèges member must go to the box office the day of the show and show the membership card used to purchase the tickets, as well as an official piece of photo identification. 3GE reserves the right to charge an additional fee if the member fails to present a Casino Privilèges membership card or does not present the same membership card used to make the original purchase. Limit of 4 tickets per member. Offer restricted to persons 18 years of age or over. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Other conditions apply. Offer can be modified or cancelled at any time without prior notice. All ticket sales to which a discount has been applied are final.

Becoming a member or updating your file

Free membership

Anyone can join the Casino Privilèges Club, and membership is free. All you have to do is fill out a form at any Québec's casinos. Information about your file is confidential and can only be accessed with your personal identification number. Join today and start reaping the benefits for an even more enjoyable casino experience!

To join the Casino Privilèges Club today, just complete a registration form and bring it to the Casino Privilèges counter at your favourite casino.

Download the Casino Privilèges Registration Form [PDF Format, 122 KB, Help]

Keep in touch

To make sure you don't miss out on a single perk, ask to have your Casino Privilèges news delivered to you! Based on your customer profile, you could take advantage of exclusive offers such as bonus points, draws and promotions, special invitations, overnight packages, gourmet meals...

Updating your address and other changes

Considering the provisions of the Act respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information, we ask members who wish to update their address or make other changes to their Casino Privilèges file to either go in person to one of the casino locations or send in a duly signed letter with all the relevant information.

Frequently asked questions

Q-1. How can I earn Privilèges Points?

A. At the slot machines*, you earn Privilèges Points for each spin you make and for the credits you accumulate. Each $1 bet = 1 Privilèges Point. Remember to insert your Casino Privilèges card into the machine's card reader as soon as you start playing.

* Privilèges Points earnings may vary by game and Casino Status.

Q-2. What are Privilèges Points good for?

A. Privilèges Points can be exchanged for cash! Every 300 Privilèges Points can be exchanged for $1 (in Canadian funds).

Q-3. How can I redeem my Privilèges Points?

A. Before you can exchange your Privilèges Points, you first have to earn a minimum of 1,500 of them, or the equivalent of $5 in cash. You can redeem your points at any Casino Privilèges terminal, at the cashier's cage in Québec's four casinos, or at the Casino du Lac-Leamy's Casino Privilèges counter.

Q-4. How can I find out what my Privilèges Points balance is?

A. You can check your Privilèges Points balance at any slot machine, at the interactive Privilèges terminal or at the Casino Privilèges counter.

You can find out how much of your balance you can redeem for cash by going to the cashier's cage or the Casino Privilèges counter at the casino. You can also check your balance at any Casino Privilèges terminal in the casino.

Q-5. What are comps?

A. Comps are earned at the table games and at keno, and can be redeemed for cash or casino products and services. At the table games, they are earned differently depending on the type of game, duration of play and average bet; for keno, the calculation is based on the value of the tickets purchased. To earn comps, remember to show your membership card to the table game operations supervisor or to the keno attendant as soon as you start playing.

Q-6 How long are my comps good for?

A. The comps you have earned must be redeemed for Privilèges Points (cashable) or products and services within 180 days of being earned.

Q-7. How can I earn Casino Status Points, and what are they good for?

A. Casino Status Points can be earned when you use your membership card at your favourite game, be it the slot machines, table games or keno*.

Casino Status Points give you access to one of the three Casino Status: Casino Privilèges, Prestige and Prestige Plus. Casino Status provide a wide range of benefits at each of our casinos.

* Some conditions apply.

Q-8 How can I move up to a higher Casino Status and start enjoying the associated benefits?

Each Casino Privilèges member's Casino Status is reassessed at the end of the baseline year established by the casino, which begins on October 15 of each year. That's when your Casino Status Points balance is reset to zero. You have one year (12 months) to earn new Casino Status Points and requalify for the same or a different status. To reach the "Prestige" Status category, you must earn 35,000 Casino Status Points; to reach "Prestige Plus" Casino Status, you must earn 400,000 Casino Status Points.

Note that if you reach a higher Casino Status before the reassessment date, you can start enjoying the associated benefits immediately and can continue to do so until the following year's reassessment.

Rules and Conditions

All members of the Casino Privilèges Club must respect the following rules:

  1. Membership is restricted to persons eighteen (18) years of age or older who present an official piece of identification bearing a photo and date of birth.
  2. As a Casino Privilèges member, you are responsible for the safekeeping of the card and the confidentiality of the personal identification code. The Société des casinos du Québec Inc. (the "Casino") can in no way be held liable for the use of the personal identification code by a third party.
  3. The cardholder must insert the card in the slot machine scanner and ensure the system accepts it. Privilèges Points can then be attributed. If the card is incorrectly inserted, no Privilèges Points will be generated. The Casino is not responsible for sums not accumulated on account of an incorrectly inserted card or an error made using the card.
  4. The cardholder can exchange Privilèges Points accumulated at the slot machines for cash, in accordance with applicable regulations. Cash redemption is limited to dollar amounts only, excluding cents. The cardholder is responsible for verifying the accuracy of all Privilèges Point transactions.
  5. The cardholder is the only person authorized to use the card. Cardholders may not have other players accumulated Privilèges Points on their behalf, nor insert their cards in slot machines being used by other players. Privilèges Points earned by the cardholder are non-transferable. The card and Privilèges Points are cancelled in the event of bankruptcy or death.
  6. The Casino reserves the right to determine a maximum amount of Privilèges Points allowed in a file, to alter this maximum balance and to require the cardholder to redeem a sufficient amount to avoid exceeding the maximum.
  7. Files in which no activity or earnings by the cardholder have been noted for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months will be considered inactive and any Privilèges Points earned by the cardholder will be automatically cancelled.
  8. Cardholders must immediately advise the Casino in the event of the card's loss or theft. The Casino is not responsible for damages suffered by cardholders in the event of such loss or theft.
  9. At table games and Keno, the card entitles you, as the case may be, to comps specific to these games, in accordance with Casino regulations.
  10. Accumulated Privilèges Points remain the property of the Casino until the member exercises his/ her redemption option as outlined in Section 4. Privilèges Points may not be assigned, transmitted, or transferred to a third party and are exempt from seizure. Furthermore, the Casino retains ownership for the card. In all impunity, the Casino may revoke or refuse to issue a card, and may cancel the on file balance, notably in the event of fraud or failure to abide by membership rules or applicable Casino regulations.
  11. The Casino reserves the right to adjust the cardholder's balance in the event of disruption of the normal operation of a machine by the cardholder or any other failure on the part of the cardholder to abide by membership rules.
  12. The Casino bears no liability toward the cardholder in the event of system malfunction or operator error. The Casino reserves the right to correct a file by returning the balance to where it was prior to any malfunction or error according to the information contained in its records.
  13. The Casino Status Level of a Casino Privilèges member is calculated based on the amount of Casino Status Points accrued during the reference year, as determined by the Casino. At the term of this reference year, the player's Casino Status Point balance is reset to zero (0) in order to reevaluate the player's Casino Status Level for the following year.
  14. The Casino may alter, suspend, or cancel the Casino Privilèges Club program and its related benefits in part or in whole at any time, without prior notice and without incurring any liability whatsoever toward the cardholder. Interpretation of membership rules is the Casino's exclusive prerogative and its decisions in the regard are final and binding.
  15. Use of the card by the cardholder confirms his/her acceptance of the Casino Privilèges Club rules.
  16. The present rules take precedence over the previous Casino Privilèges program rules.

"Casino Privilèges" is a registered trademark of the Société des loteries du Québec. "Privilèges Points", "Casino Status Points", "Casino Status Levels" and the Casino Privilèges logo and crown are registered trademarks of the Société des loteries du Québec.

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